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Benefits of The MoveSafe®Program


Benefits of the MoveSafe® Program

Our clients have provided lots of feedback on the benefits of our program. You can read specific feedback in our testimonials. When all program elements are embedded in your organization, the following benefits can be seen:

Benefit #1


Movement Fundamentals

All participants learn how their body is designed to move so they can apply these principles to every movement and posture in their day.

Lead by Example

Front Line Leaders understand their role in supporting the health and safety of the employees.

Benefit #2

Learn New Habits

Practice Proper Movement

Employees participate in a group warm-up that accommodates individual differences at the start of the shift. By practicing proper movement, they increase the likelihood they will move better during the day.

Task Preparation

Everyone takes time to prepare their work area, tools and equipment before starting work.


Employees interrupt static postures to reduce fatigue on working tissues.


Everyone uses the ‘Big 3’ safe movement fundamentals.

Observations and Feedback

Trained leaders observe others and provide feedback to help skill development around movement.

Benefit #3

Positive Outcomes

Culture Change

Our clients now have expectations around healthy habits that are integrated into daily systems so these changes become part of the organizational norms.

Healthy Movement

Employees use their work to stay strong and healthy.


Employees give their body what it needs, and still get their work done.

Reduced Injuries

We provide the skills, tools and training to create the desired output of injury reduction. Our clients report that injury rates have reduced after the implementation of their MoveSafe Program. For long term change, we want organizations to integrate the key principles into your their daily operations.

Employee Engagement

Our clients find an additional outcome is the increase in employee engagement that comes from our training. We emphasize employee quality of life and this message resonates with employees.

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