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Our Company

Our Mission

Improve People's Quality Of Life​

Our company has a proud history of understanding our client’s needs and staying on the leading edge of workplace musculoskeletal injury prevention. All our services and support offerings keep this fundamental principle at our core. The wellbeing of the individual comes first. 

Our History

At MoveSafe we have a proud history of being on the leading edge of workplace musculoskeletal injury prevention and management. It all started in the early 90’s when Dave set-up his practice on-site at a large 1200 employee industrial plant. He had been treating the employees from this workplace in a clinic environment in town, but it made more sense to ‘move-in’ to the industrial environment that was producing so many musculoskeletal disorders. After learning first hand the daily challenges of both the workers and the workplace, Dave started creating the following programs and interventions to address the major issues he felt were contributing to human and financial costs of these musculoskeletal disorders:

Our company has evolved these programs and interventions into several industry sectors over the past 27 years resulting in the best practices found within the main elements of the MoveSafe® Program. We have assembled a passionate and talented team of physical and athletic therapists, kinesiologists, and ergonomists that have managed to continuously improve MoveSafe’s offerings to provide what we feel is the best musculoskeletal injury prevention programming available.

Our Values


  • Be at our best to exceed client expectations.
  • Emphasize our strengths while encouraging a supportive environment for personal improvement.
  • Efficient collaboration and accountability for realistic goals to drive high quality work.
  • Always looking for new opportunities to improve and refine our services.


  • Daring to be different, pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo to create something great.
  • Listen to our clients to understand their changing needs and collaborate to improve offerings.
  • Work collaboratively, sharing ideas and knowledge with others in the field, to the benefit of all.
  • Courage to take calculated risks and to learn from our failures.


  • Creating effective and sustainable programs, supported by strong systems that integrate readily into client organizations.
  • Develop and support quality people.
  • Nurture long-term, collaborative client relationships.
  • Having a solid business foundation that supports our vision of "improving the quality of life" of our people and our clients.


  • Inspiring and motivating meaningful change through infectious energy and enthusiasm.
  • Authentically embody our vision "to improve people’s quality of life".
  • Taking pride in what you do and going the extra mile because you love it!
  • Courage to stand up for our values and commit the client to the requirements of a high quality program.
  • Champion growth in yourself and others.
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