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Office Ergonomics

Office Ergonomics Services

Boost productivity and safety with proper posture and movement at work

Whether you’re sitting at a desk or have a more physically active job, learn how correct posture and movement can make you more comfortable, avoid injuries, and be more productive. Virtual and in-person services are available upon request.

Available services

Our office evaluations focus on teaching people how to use their wokstation equipment to encourage healthy posture and movement habits.

Each of our office ergonomics services can be provided virtually or on-site throughout Canada and the United States.

Home Office Ergonomics Assessments

A one-on-one virtual ergonomics assessment specifically for home office workers. Designed to prevent and reduce joint and muscle pain associated with poor home office ergonomics.

Office Ergonomics: Self Assessment Tool

Step-by-step assessment tool that allows workers to adjust their computer workstations while following ergonomics principles.

Comprehensive Office Ergonomics Assessments

Employees receive a thorough workstation evaluation, equipment adjustment assistance, healthy posture and movement coaching as well as a comprehensive report.

Home Office Ergonomics Webinar

Suitable for teams of all sizes, this interactive session is focused on using available home furnishings to establish a good ergonomic home office set-up and encourage healthy postures and movements.

Office Spot Checks

Employees without significant concerns will benefit from a short workstation review to reinforce healthy habits, adjust furniture and equipment and identify workstation risks that may need to be addressed.

Move Concierge

To minimize issues after a group move, employees receive a quick workstation review to confirm they are able to adjust their new equipment, and to encourage their healthy posture and movement habits.

Discomfort Survey

Our simple, confidential on-line screening tool can help larger groups identify and prioritize individuals with more significant ergonomic concerns.

Office Lunch & Learns

Participants will learn how to set up their workstation to encourage healthy positioning as well as learn practical habits for movement so they can “give their body what it needs while still getting their work done”.

Want to learn more about work ergonomics?

Ask us about personalized or in-person assessments, training, and support for you and your team.
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