What is MoveSafe®?

MoveSafe® takes the most important musculoskeletal injury prevention principles and condenses them into concepts that are easy to understand and remember.

The 3 Main MoveSafe® Elements

1 Prepare and Maintain the Body


All athletes, including industrial athletes, should begin with proper preparation of the body through controlled, dynamic movements that program proper motor patterns that match the physical requirements of the upcoming tasks.

Corrective Exercises:

Each worker should have their own body improvement plan with individualized exercises to ensure optimal movement, posture, coordination and stability. The MoveSafe® ‘Improve’ Program has our MoveSafe® Specialists analyse employee posture and movement quality before prescribing appropriate corrective exercises.


Static, effortful and repeated work should be interrupted with simple recovery movements.

Discomfort Management:

Our MoveSafe® Specialists are certified Athletic or Physical Therapists and are more than qualified to help manage and eliminate any discomfort employees may be having with a guided intervention of therapeutic exercise.

2 Prepare the Work Area, Tools and Equipment

Knowledge of safe postures, positions and movement techniques gives everyone involved the
ability to evaluate their work area, tools and equipment for workplace ergonomics principles.

How to Set-up
Your Workstation

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Safe Load Handling Guidelines

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Ergonomic Analysis Services

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3 Move Safe with Proper Postures and Movements

Musculoskeletal Injuries (MSI’s) will always be a problem unless people understand and discuss what proper posture, movement and positioning should look like during everyday work tasks. These positions and movements should be practiced every morning during the MoveSafe® Warm-up Routine and need to be observed and coached by leadership until it becomes the expected standard.

Proficiency Checklist

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‘Big 3’ Poster

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‘It Matters…’ Posters

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