Taylor Frentz B.Sc. Kin, CAT(C)

Lead Consultant

Taylor is an integral cog in the MoveSafe machine providing education and training to clientele on multiple different platforms.

Working previously within the high school system as an Athletic Therapist has allowed Taylor to notice this upcoming generation is riddled with cases of poor posture and bad movement habits. This motivates and inspires Taylor daily to convey a message not only to clients, but family and friends, that proper movement is not just meant for the workplace, but for the home as well. You never know who is watching.

Performing ergonomic assessments and movement screens are a couple of ways in which Taylor provides corrective methods to improve individual movement and habits. Conducting Engage and Leader Talks allows Taylor to educate individuals/groups on the ‘Big 3’ and provide them with an owner’s manual to the body.
Away from work, Taylor is an avid sports fan and a recreational hiker. Most of the time Taylor is either keeping up to date on the latest sports news or taking a hike with his wife out in Kananaskis or Banff.