Tana Bullock RKin

Lead Consultant

Tana is our lead for office ergonomic assessments and services in the greater Vancouver area.

She has been a part of the MoveSafe team for almost a decade. Her background in Disability Management helps her understand the consequences of sustained unhealthy posture and movement habits. Tana is focussed on applying her knowledge to help prevent injury and avoid the unwanted circumstance of employee battling back from injuries.

Tana enjoys the preventative aspect of her work that allows her to combine her Kinesiology education and coaching skillset. She educates her clients on their workstation set-up as well as teaches them the proper posture and movement habits necessary for working in the millennial office environment.

When she is not politely nagging folks about proper posture and teaching them how to (finally) set up their office chair, Tana is probably out running or shuttling her kids to and from their many extra-curricular activities.