Rob Fontaine M.Sc. Kin., R.K.

Principal Consultant

Rob started working with Dave in 1996 and has created a career out of implementing healthy posture and movement principles into individual and organizational habits.
Rob has a wide range of skills including managing large client programs, delivering training and technical expertise to MoveSafe clients, providing leadership to many within the team and building core implementation tools.

Rob’s approach is to listen first and understand his client’s needs. To be successful, our initial goal is to create a good fit between our unique services and the needs of the client. This also has to include the client’s readiness to implement new habits around healthy posture and movement. We love what we do and can be very effective in helping our clients – as long as our expertise addresses the core needs of our clients.

Rob has many roles in his life – husband, father, son, friend, consultant, business owner, athlete and coach. Outside of work, most of his time is spent enjoying the wonders of life with his wife and two young children – especially on those weeks when he is “out of the office” at the summer cabin on Savary Island. To keep physically (and mentally) healthy, Rob includes running in his routine and occasionally tests his fitness in a local trail race.