Nate Ruban B.Kin, CAT(C)

Lead Consultant

Nate believes in improving people’s well being and quality of life with the teachings and concepts that MoveSafe is founded upon. He believes that people and businesses can benefit from being educated about their bodies and when proper posture, position and ergonomics are integrated into a work environment – everyone wins.

As an Athletic Therapist, Nate started his career in the high performance field working with a wide range of athletes from NHL hockey players to aspiring youth. When Nate joined MoveSafe in 2014 his skillset was applied to industrial setting such as sawmills and timberlands. Nate encourages businesses and individuals to think outside of the box when it comes to preventing injuries and creating a healthy workforce. Educating workers on proper movement, positioning and body maintenance strategies, along with the use of ergonomics to aligning workstation for the individuals are some of the ways Nate makes an impact in the workplace. With the team work and mentorship within MoveSafe, Nate is continually learning new skills and ways to apply his training to different occupational fields.

When Nate is not at a client site you will often find him exploring the West Coast with his girlfriend Janelle. He has a passion for soccer, playing in the division 2 Vancouver Island soccer league. In the summertime Nate enjoys fishing in the Pacific Ocean and in the winter he is shredding the slopes in the mountains of British Columbia.