David Coates PT, B.Sc. Kines.

MoveSafe® Architect | Founder and President of MoveSafe (Canada) and the President and CEO of MoveSafe Inc. (US)

Dave is the founder of the ErgoRisk Management Group Inc., which does business as MoveSafe in Canada and wholly owns MoveSafe, Inc., it’s US subsidiary. The MoveSafe[R] program is the culmination of over 25 years of applied musculoskeletal injury prevention and onsite rehabilitation and return-to-work programming. Dave moved away from clinical practice when he realized that workers were not getting the basic education and movement training necessary to avoid musculoskeletal injury until after an injury (along with its associated human and financial costs) had occurred.

Dave is usually found sharing his vision of a ‘MoveSafe Lifestyle’ where proper body positioning and movement is not only integrated into the workplace, but the workplace helps support their employees to bring the principles home and supports local schools to integrate proper body use principles as well. Good posture and proper movement habits help avoid injury, allows for healthy aging and lets people get stronger and healthier for having a physical lifestyle and/or a physical job.

When not giving feedback to family, friends (or strangers) on their posture and movement, Dave can be found playing baseball or hockey at levels beyond the wisdom that his age should allow, or trying to fix/restore old trucks or boats that he thinks are ‘cool.’