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Industrial Workers | MoveSafe

Preventing injuries in your Organization

Have you noticed an increase in employee injuries? Are you losing money in lost productivity when injured employees take time off? Are your at-work employees not performing to their full potential?

When you implement a trusted ergonomics and safety program in your industrial organization, you show your employees that you care about their health and wellbeing. MoveSafe® has many self-service tools, workshops, and customized programs to help you ensure your team understands the importance of, and how to prevent soft tissue injuries and pain at work and home.

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How MoveSafe® helps

MoveSafe® has been using self-assessment tools, training, and consultations to help industries reduce injuries for over 25 years. Our programs help you change your workplace culture to create expectations around healthy posture and movement, to minimize injuries and maintain your team’s productivity and comfort. Our mission is to improve quality of life.

Why Workplace ergonomics is important

Proper posture and working conditions help reduce the chance of employee discomfort and injury. Here are the top 3 benefits of implementing an ergonomics and movement program when working:

Reduces pain and preventable soft-tissue injuries

Minimizes lost productivity from injured employee absenteeism

Increases physical capacity for more alert and engaged employees

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How to Minimize Workplace Injuries

The MoveSafe Program® and support revolve around 3 steps to minimize or prevent soft tissue injuries when working from home:

Prepare and maintain the body

Prepare the work area, tools and equipment

Move safe with the ‘Big 3’

Ready to support a healthy, thriving corporate culture?

Book a call with our MoveSafe® team to learn how we can help you support the health and wellbeing of your team.

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