How to implement MoveSafe®?


The Three Pillar Approach

The 3-Pillar implementation approach is designed to: Engage employees, Improve movement behaviour and Integrate MoveSafe™ principles into site management systems for durable outcomes. The Three Pillar approach creates a work culture where proper movement is positively reinforced until it becomes the ‘new normal’ to create strong, healthy workers.


The Engage Pillar encourages participation by selling the benefits of a better functioning body for work, home and recreation. These benefits are communicated through:

Custom Video Lessons

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Posters and Handouts

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Crew Talks

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2 Improve

The Improve Pillar teaches the skills necessary for people to use their body safely during work activities.

The training includes:

  • Individual movement analyses, corrective exercises and warm-ups to re-program healthy movement patterns.
  • Ergonomic improvements to work area tools and equipment to encourage proper body use.
  • Observation and coaching feedback competency training for leadership employees to set the expectation and follow-through until safe movement is part of the job!


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3 Integrate

The Integrate Pillar incorporates movement safety into all relevant workplace safety, training and operational systems. If you want lasting change within your organization, you need to integrate proper body use into the way  your organization functions.

Job Safety Procedures

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New Hire Training

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Reporting Metrics

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