Why MoveSafe®?

Musculoskeletal injuries (MSIs) are a costly problem in many industries. Most people get injured from physical work because they do not understand and practice the fundamental elements of movement safety. Successful workplace MSI prevention requires leadership at all levels of an organization and support from workplace systems and safety processes. MoveSafe® teaches and trains these elements and integrates them into the way the organization functions.

MoveSafe® Benefits

The main benefit of the MoveSafe® Program is that it teaches people how to use physical work to make themselves stronger and healthier, not wear them out and lead them closer to injury.

Our clients tell us that they see our services as an offer to their employees’ of a better quality of life. This becomes a competitive advantage when attracting employees since the demand for good people is high.

What is MoveSafe®?

MoveSafe® is a comprehensive movement safety process that improves employee health by operationalizing proper body use into site systems to create durable change.

How to Implement MoveSafe®?


The 3-Pillar implementation approach is designed to Engage employees, Improve movement behavior and Integrate MoveSafe® principles into site management systems for durable outcomes.

MoveSafe® Clients?


Forestry & Manufacturing




Construction Materials



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