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Creating Safer Workplaces through Ergonomics and Intentional Movement

Creating Safer Workplaces through Ergonomics and Intentional Movement

Minimizing Worker Soft Tissue Injuries Through Our Proprietary MoveSafe® Programs​

MoveSafe® has been helping organizations reduce injuries for over 25 years. Through consultations, courses, training, and ongoing support, we help your organization understand and practice proper posture and movement to minimize discomfort, pain, and injury.

Why You Need MoveSafe® In Your Workplaces?​

Left unrecognized and uncorrected, high-risk habits in the workplace can lead to discomfort and pain in your employees. This pain leads to higher incidences of injuries, time off-work and lost productivity for your company and reduced quality of life for your employees. 

The good news is, injuries like these can often be prevented when you shift your company culture towards healthy body positioning and movement habits. That’s what MoveSafe® provides, a better quality of life for your most important asset, your people. 

Why workplace ergonomics is important?

Proper posture and working conditions help reduce the chance of employee discomfort and injury. Here are the top 3 benefits of implementing an ergonomics and movement program in your organization:

Reduces preventable soft-tissue injuries and pain

Minimizes lost productivity from injured employee absenteeism

Increases productivity because workers are able to do their job easier

What is MoveSafe®?

The MoveSafe® Program provides your organization with the knowledge, skills, and leadership training necessary to get stronger and healthier from physical work and maintain your health during seated or less physical work. We help your team reduce preventable soft tissue injuries through a shift in your safety culture towards healthy posture and movement habits. We do this through self-paced courses, online and in-person workshops, workspace assessments, and custom strategies and programs to suit your unique needs.

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